RN “Wood” Fishing Boat, Was Seized With A Ton Of Cocaine

Brazilian navy confirms that fishing was regularized and Companhia Docas do RN denies that the fishing boat ‘Wood’ used the Port of Natal to ship the drug

The “Wood” fishing boat, which was seized with about a ton of cocaine by the Judiciary Police of Portugal, had its documentation up to date. The information was confirmed by the Brazilian Navy, by means of a note. The  vessel is registered as part of the Port of Rio Grande do Norte.

The notice also states that the “Woods” fishing vessel  complied with the dispatch procedure that authorized it to enter “at any port or national waterway terminal” until at least July 2, when the authorization would be granted. Companhia Docas do Rio Grande do Norte (Codern) also issued a note on the matter to affirm that the vessel did not leave the Port of Natal.

In Codern’s assessment, the seizure of drugs made on the high seas indicates that the traffickers who were using the Port of Natal decided to change their strategy. “The fact is that criminals are looking for other avenues to transport the drug.” In Codern’s view, this is proof that inspection at the Port of Natal has paid off.

Currently the Federal Police and the Federal Revenue assist in this inspection to prevent more cocaine being shipped to Europe using containers that pass through the Port of Natal. The men were arrested on May 28, on the high seas, near Cape Verde by Portuguese police and navy after information passed by the Federal Police of Brazil.

RN "Wood" Fishing Boat, Which Was Seized With A Ton Of Cocaine

The identities of the arrested sailors as well as the name of the boat owner have not yet been disclosed. It is only known that, of the seven prisoners, one is paraibano and the other six potiguares. Arriving at the port of Lisbon on June 3, the cargo of cocaine was found in a ship’s compartment. All seven crew members, between the ages of 36 and 64, are being held at the disposal of the Portuguese justice system and will be prosecuted in Portugal.

RN "Wood" Fishing Boat, Which Was Seized With A Ton Of Cocaine



Source: www.op9