Rhino and Hippo Clashed in Epic Fight and Final Surprise [VIDEO]

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You will be shocked. A video was shared that surprised thousands of users, because they captured the epic battle to the death of two of the largest and heaviest mammals in Africa,  a hippopotamus and a rhinoceros. All to keep the water.

Not even in the UFC will you see something that impressive. A video on YouTube has left thousands of astonished users, because the tremendous battle that claimed two of the shows large and heavy African mammals and everything about running water.

Stanley Robertson,  an employee of a nature reserve in the Klein Karoo region of South Africa, recorded an incredible fight while walking through the Savannah. The man never imagined he sees an aggressive hippopotamus and a huge rhino fighting through the water of a lake.

The video begins with a hippopotamus in the water opening its gigantic mouth and making a threatening sound against a heavy rhinoceros that observes it on the shore. The rhinoceros is at a disadvantage because it has no horn, possibly cut by the keepers of the nature reserve so that other people do not kill it for its valuable horn, which is sold on the black market. Despite this reason, the huge animal does not move away and faces its opponent.

The scene is cut and reappears with two hippos outside the shore next to the rhinoceros, which tries to attack them with the horn that does not have. Being the majority, the hippos corral the helpless animal and shout very loudly to show who is in control of the fight.

After a few moments of great tension , one of the enraged hippos launches itself against the rhinoceros that tries to protect itself, but having no valuable weapon: its horn is overcome and backs down stepping on the lake.

The great strength of his adversary causes him to fall on his side and be bitten by two of the enormous tusks that the hippopotamus has. The rhino lying in the water can not move his heavy body and is used by his adversary to advance his attack. “Hippos are extremely aggressive in times of drought ,” Robinson explained.

Thousands of YouTube users were shocked by the ferocious attack of the hippopotamus that eventually killed the rhinoceros. The viral video is from 2017, but has returned to be viral after a user shared it on their social networks.


Source: La Republica