Residents Used a ‘Staircase’ of Tires to Save an Elephant Trapped in a Canal [VIDEO]

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A plan was devised to save a poor elephant that had been trapped inside a channel.

The video, which has returned many people’s faith in humanity, as it shows the rescue of an elephant that had been trapped inside a channel until some villagers performed an ingenious technique to rescue it from the waters.

In Sri Lanka, an elephant walked quietly until it stopped to drink water from a canal, however when entering it could not go back out, since it was very deep. Some residents of the area saw the animal and felt sorry for him, they called more people to help them release the poor guy.

Upon seeing the situation, they called the Department of Wildlife Conservation, which arrived very fast. It was when they saw the elephant very tired, so they decided to use a more effective tactic and built an improvised ladder of tires, fastened with ropes.


The elephant was very tired, although first the inhabitants encouraged him to go out with big branches, the animal could not. It was so that after a few minutes the ladder was finished and they threw it into the waters where the intelligent animal, began to put its legs between the holes of the tires to leave.

After several seconds of waiting, the animal manages to get safely out of the channel and disappeared into the forest.


Source: La Republica