Rescue of Four People Sailing in a Boat that Caught fire in Puerto Vallarta. [Pics]

Elements of the Secretary of the Navy support the transfer of a person with a burn; three others are put to safety.

Four crew members aboard a recreational craft were rescued by personnel of the Secretariat of the Navy-Armada, after the unit in which they were sailing caught fire in the vicinity of the Puerto Vallarta Stopping Buoy; one of the crew members had to be transferred to a hospital because of 1st and 2nd degree burns.

During the morning of this Sunday, a recreational navigation crewed by four people caught fire in the vicinity of Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco; to the place arrived personnel of the Secretariat of Navy – Navy of Mexico, in charge of the functions of coastal guard.

The maritime unit named “ELVIS TOO II” was occupied by Mexican crew members, when after a power failure began to catch fire, three of the crew members were unharmed while one presented burns, so it was the first to receive care by Naval Zone personnel who took them to the Eighth Naval Zone pier, to be treated at the Vallarta Naval Hospital, providing the necessary medical services.

The three crew members who accompanied him were placed safely in a civil vessel that was in the area, so they were placed safely in the Marina Vallarta dock.

After saving the crew, a Defender class vessel belonging to the Naval Station of Search, Rescue and Maritime Surveillance (ENSAR), the same one in which the injured person was transferred, returned to the accident area to carry out maneuvers to suffocate the fire. After the damage suffered by the fire, the ship ended up sinking, so that Navy personnel verified that it was not dangerous to navigation, or pollute due to a possible spill of fuel.

Finally, the injured crew member received medical treatment for the burns presented in the upper extremities, lower extremities and abdomen, remaining in a stable medical situation, being transferred to a local hospital.