Recording a Sexy Video, She Wasn’t Expecting What Snuck Up Behind Her [VIDEO]

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The tragic moment in which a young woman took a sensual photograph in front of the ocean, but a gigantic wave ruined her plan.

A funny ‘blooper’ starring a woman dressed in white is causing a sensation, due to the tragic moment she had to live on a beach. In her attempt to achieve the best photograph, this young woman did not think about the consequences of her actions and ended up becoming the laughingstock on social media.

A young woman poses on rocky stones with her back to the ocean; not expecting, in her attempt to obtain the perfect photograph she became the victim of a terrible accident.  

Apparently, she did not go at the right time to achieve a perfect photograph in front of the sea, since in the video it is clear that she decided to do the session when the sun had gone down. Serious error! As it is known, the waves begin to gain greater size as it gets later.

The camera that her friend was taking to record the photographic session captured the exact moment in which the young woman is hit by a gigantic wave, after showing off her beauty in a daring pose. However, her sensuality was seriously affected by the force of nature that left her looking completely ridiculous.

The accident occurred in a matter of seconds, which did not allow the woman to get out of the way of the gigantic wave. Virtually disappeared from the camera lens and thousands on social networks only managed to make fun of the poor woman.

“Well they say that beauty costs dearly,” “What a pain the young woman must have felt when encountering a gigantic wave”, “Terrible! It is always good to look at the size of the waves to take a picture “, could be read on social networks.  


Source: La Republica

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