Rattlesnake Goes for a Swim Then Almost Gets Hooked by Fisherman

On October 1, 2018 in Bozeman, Montana, a group of buddies were casually fishing off their boat on the Gallatin River. They suddenly happened to spot a rattlesnake just taking a casual swim near their boat and immediately flicked on the camera to record it.

An odd spotting, but it makes for a good video clip.¬†Especially when one of them, presumably the guy filming says “f***ing hook into that thing!” We don’t get to see if the guy with the rod actually goes for the snake but it would be awesome if they brought him on board! (They would probably freak out)

It is unlikely that small snakes climb high walls, but rattlesnakes are adept at swimming and will take to water readily in order to pursue food, mates and refuge, or to escape harassment. Therefore even though this rattlesnake isn’t a water snake, it is still capable of maneuvering and making its way through the water with ease.

Enjoy the video down below!

Source: ViralHog