Rare Bull Shark Terrorizes Beach With A Leg In It’s Mouth

It is moments like these that bring so many smiles and happy memories.

Pet owners who involve their fur babies in amazing moments to capture laughter and fun to everyone around them.

There is so much these days about dogs and cats wearing cute articles of clothing, a lot of people turn their noses up at such behaviour and criticize it and look at it like a torture and animal cruelty. But honesty, who is it really hurting? Your pride?

You can see that a lot of animals LOVE their costumes, or boots, or little jackets on a rainy day. They are walking around proud and love all the attention they get. No one is really being hurt by these things. In fact, these owners are just loving and enjoying their pets to maximum capacity, and also, allowing everyone who comes into contact with them to enjoy these special moments as well.

Come on now, what is more adorable than a Bull dog in a shark costume at the beach?



Source: Maritime Herald