Prayer At Sea One Year After The Lion Air Accident In Indonesia

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The relatives of the victims of the accident of the flight of the Indonesian company Lion Air, in which 189 people died when crashing off the coast of Indonesia, threw flowers into the sea of ​​Java on Tuesday a year after the catastrophe.

The accident of the Boeing 737 MAX, on October 29, 2018, was followed a few months later by a plane of the same type, which carried out a flight operated by Ethiopian Airlines, which caused 157 deaths, which resulted in the ban on all flights of MAX, the best-selling aircraft of the American manufacturer.

Tuesday’s ceremony at sea was closed to the media, but according to the videos of relatives seen by the AFP, relatives of the victims prayed and threw flowers into the Java Sea, where the plane disappeared shortly after take off from Jakarta a year ago.

Some remained stoic and other places to the demonstrations of pain remembering their missing relatives in the air catastrophe, while other hostesses of the company Lion Air, uniformed, tried to support them.

“I hope that one year after the accident, Lion Air will assume all its obligations to the families of the victims,” ​​said Anton Sahadi, who lost a cousin in the tragedy.

Indonesian investigators concluded that a design deficiency, inadequate pilot training and poor crew performance led to the Boeing 737 MAX crash in a final report published Friday.

They pointed with their finger an automatic system conceived by Boeing that should prevent the plane from plummeting, the MCAS, considering that its “design and certification” were “inadequate.”

Some relatives did not want to attend the ceremony at sea organized by Lion Air.

“What happened… happened, I can’t change it,” says Aldhi, who, like many Indonesians, has only one name.

Prayer At Sea One Year After The Lion Air Accident In Indonesia



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