Police Warn Public To “Keep Hands Off” of the 180 kilos of Cocaine That Washed Up On a Beach in Romania as More is Expected to Arrive (VIDEO)

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The police have warned the population not to open the bales.

About 300 officers and 14 ships of the Coast Guard are patrolling the Black Sea coast, specifically in the city of Constanza, Romania, after the appearance of several packets of cocaine on one of its beaches.

The first bales appeared on Saturday night and have already collected more than 180 kilos. According to Adrian Ionut, one of the first to raise the alarm, “he was walking on the beach and found them, then decided to call the police.”

The Romanian police have measured and photographed the drug before bagging it meticulously. They have also warned the population not to open the packages, since their content is harmful to health .

It is believed that the packages are part of a shipment of a ton of cocaine that was found in an abandoned ship just over two weeks ago. Romania is a key transit point for cocaine originating in Latin America destined for Western Europe. Two men of Serbian nationality were arrested in connection with the finding.

Three years ago another cache arrived at the beach of this port city. They were almost two and a half tons of cocaine with an approximate value of more than 600 million euros.


Source: ABC