Police Pursue Mysterious Ghost Boat

On a regular day near Albee Bridge in Venice, Florida, a mysterious motor boat was driving itself in circles with no owners on or around it. This very odd sighting had many people staring and trying to see what was going on. It’s not every day you see a motor boat casually doing doughnuts by itself. Shortly after people started gathering around, a Sheriffs Department boat made its way to the scene.

Upon arrival they seen a boat of young guys approaching who were about to try and help, but they were being told to get away to avoid anyone getting injured. Also, while all of this was happening, a man with a rope was attempting to lasso the boat to bring it close to the dock to flick the motor off (he was not successful).

But once the boat got closer to the dock and eventually hit it, the boat slowed down and the officers were able to stop it from running wild. There were no ambulances or anything else, so it appeared as if everybody was safe and nobody was hurt. There’s still no word on how the boat got that way and where the owners are.

Source: ViralHog