Police On The Hunt Of Two Teenagers For Animal Cruelty To A Dog (WARNING VIDEO IS DISTURBING)

The police look for the teenager who threw a dog to the sea from a cliff.

It was on the afternoon of Wednesday, May 1, in Falmouth, a small town in the extreme southwest of England.

A young man holds a dog on top of a cliff, while another boy (a supposed friend) records him. Shortly after, the adolescent who held the animal in his arms throws it into the water, while both laugh out loud . Shortly after they uploaded the video to Snapchat and, since then, their ‘feat’ has gone viral.

However, the police in Falmouth, in the extreme south west of England, are looking for both for animal abuse. After the video has circulated through social networks, agents have asked for clues to identify the two teenagers, especially the one that is seen in the images and that would be easier to recognize.

Also the Society for the Prevention of Animal Cruelty, the most important animal NGO in the United Kingdom, tries to find the aggressors. A spokesperson acknowledges to the BBC that they are ” very concerned about this incident and we would like to reassure everyone: we are investigating what happened.”

The police in Devon and Cornwall counties are also looking for clues. In a statement they say that “a complaint is being investigated for the welfare of an animal in Falmouth on the afternoon of Wednesday, May 1. We ask that people, including users of social networks, not speculate about the circumstances of this incident or the person involved and identify them. “

The best news, until the aggressors are found, is that the animal survived the fall and was able to swim to the shore, where it was safe.



Source: El Confidencial