Police Intervene 150 kilos of Cocaine at the Station of Atocha, Madrid Travelling from Colombia

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Four people have been arrested, including the leader of the organization, who had traveled from Colombia to supervise the operation.

The National Police has intervened a cache of 150 kilos of cocaine at the Atocha station in Madrid, and has arrested four people who would be part of a drug trafficking organization; among them, the leader of the criminal structure, who would have traveled from Colombia to personally supervise the transfer. The first investigations of the agents suggest that the criminals would have introduced her to Spain by sea through Huelva and, from there and by road, they would take it to Madrid. The cocaine was distributed in double bottoms of both vehicles.

The investigations started in November, when the researchers detected the first movements of the drug traffickers. In particular, they found that they had hidden a shipment of cocaine on a cargo ship that traveled from Colombia to Huelva. The narcos recovered the bales of the boat through specialized divers .

The criminals then moved the drug to Madrid on board vehicles specially adapted for this purpose: they had multiple coves or hidden spaces to load cocaine. The researchers learned that the transfer of the drug to other members of the organization dedicated to its distribution was to take place in Madrid’s Atocha station.

The agents deployed a device that allowed the detection of the leader of the criminal organization, who had arrived from Colombia and was staying at a hotel in the area. The narco handed the keys of a vehicle to another individual, who was supposed to be in charge of distributing the drug. Two hours later another person arrived to pick up the tourism. At that time, the police exploded the operation, which resulted in four detainees .

Police Intervene 150 kilos of Cocaine at the Station of Atocha, Madrid Travelling from Colombia

The vehicle had a compartment in which drug traffickers had hidden 58 packets of cocaine. In the vicinity there was another car with 77 other packages. In total, 150 kilos of cocaine and 2,500 euros in cash .


Source: El Espanol