Poland Began to Build a Canal Through the Baltic Spit

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Polish authorities on Tuesday officially announced the start of construction of the canal through the Vistula (Baltic) Spit, which will connect the Baltic Sea to the Kaliningrad Bay, Radio Poland reports.

The length of the channel will be just over a kilometer, the estimated depth is 5 meters. This will allow ships up to 100 meters in length to enter the Polish port of Elblag, bypassing Russia’s territorial waters. Now you can get to the Kaliningrad Bay only through the Russian port of Baltiysk (the main naval base of the Baltic Fleet), which is very problematic due to the complex and lengthy procedures.

The project cost is about 880 million zlotys (more than $ 200 million). Completion of works and commissioning of the channel are planned for 2022.

Poland Began to Build a Canal Through the Baltic Spit

In the European Union there were earlier concerns that the channel would negatively affect the ecological situation in the region. In the autumn of 2018, the Ministry of Nature of the Russian Federation also expressed serious concern about the plans of the Polish authorities to build the canal, but there was no reaction to this.


Source: Maritime News of Russia