Pod of 30 Dolphins Accompany Marines During Their Mission

This is fantastic footage of the moment a pod of around 30 dolphins join Marines on patrol as they leap and soar in the air next to their boat. According to Chile’s Centre of Investigation for Marine Fauna and Cetacean Sightings (Cifamac), the bay off the port city of Antofagasta in the north of the country has started to see cetaceans move into the area to feed.

They have told the port authority and boat users to take care so as not to collide with marine wildlife. Too many vehicles beside too many aquatic mammals could cause accidents which could harm the sea life.

After the National Service of Fishing and Aquaculture (Sernapesca) posted the video on social media showing around 30 dolphins swimming off the coast, Cifamac officials have suggested keeping a safe distance of 50 metres.

Cifamac researcher Ana Garcia told local media: “It is regulated by law that persons cannot approach marine animals in the area any closer than 50 metres so as not to cause disturbance or possible collision.”

She added: “Small and fast vehicles such as jet skis can also collide or run over dolphins.”

Enjoy this wonderful video clip down below!

Source: Liveleak & Viraltab