Playa Redondo Peru: Abandoned Debris Removed for More Than 15 Years | PHOTOS

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The cement and iron structures were embedded in the shore of the Redondo beach, in Miraflores

The surfers and bathers that flock to the Redondo Beach, in Miraflores,  had become accustomed to entering the sea or walking on the shore surrounded by mounds of iron and concrete rubble. To end this dangerous practice, the municipality of Miraflores, with the help of machinery, removed 25 tons of waste.

“Just as public spaces have been recovered in San Ramón street (known as Calle de las Pizzas), we also do the same with spaces that have not been invaded, but abandoned. This beach has been in that state for more than 15 years. Bathers do not enjoy space, that’s why we are taking out the structures. So far 25 tons of rubble have been removed and we estimate that we will take 50, “said the mayor of Miraflores, Luis Molina.

Playa Redondo: Abandoned Debris Removed for More Than 15 Years

This is how bathers were in danger. “Here in my hand I have a piece of iron that has been found in these rubble, there are metal structures that are rusted, if you step on this, you can get tetanus,” Molina told El Comercio .

In this sense, one of the municipality’s lifeguards indicated that more surfers come on this beach, since due to the cement encysted on the shore, bathers have suffered cuts. “There are people who do not know the beach and it is cut off because when the tide is high, you can not see the clearing, the children and the elderly are the ones who suffer most, and now more families will come to this beach,” he said.

Playa Redondo: Abandoned Debris Removed for More Than 15 Years

The Manager of Works and Public Service of Miraflores, Antonio Molsave, stressed that there have been complaints of cases that have been attended to due to emergency cuts at the time of entering the sea, which is why the residents are demanding to move the cement blocks.

Playa Redondo: Abandoned Debris Removed for More Than 15 Years

– More places – Molsave said that this initiative will be replicated on the beach Star and Dolphin district. “There is also debris embedded in the shore, the idea is to rescue the beaches and make them ours again,” he explained. In addition, he said that this is a continuous work. It is the third day of work at the Redondo beach, financed with municipal resources.


Source: El Comercio