PIRATES Whip Platforms of the Campeche Municipal Probe in Mexico

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It was announced that during the previous sexenio increased the theft of platforms by Organized Crime.

  1. DEL CARMEN. More than six months ago, the municipal administration of Óscar Rosas González does not see any work or project that will impact the municipality and its inhabitants.

However, during five consecutive Fridays the mayor has dedicated himself to the delivery of fish in a program that is exclusively of the DIF and that must be managed by his wife, since he is in charge of that institution.

Rosas González has taken the Lenten program, as the most important issue at the moment in his government, however this does not impact even 1% of the population, if we take into account that Carmen has more than 200 thousand inhabitants.

But what he has shown in this first semester, is that the photos and videos are his, a president of poses, because the mimos delivery fish as if still in the campaign, as he travels along with his officials to the beach to organize the next party, the sea, but money for works so far there is none.

The programs and works continue on paper, within the Municipal Development Plan, however it is not seen when it starts. After the change of federal government, a number of public policies have been launched at the national level in order to put an end to the corruption that prevailed in neoliberal administrations.

PIRATES Whip Platforms of the Campeche Municipal Probe in Mexico

Currently the Energy Commission of the House of Senators of the Congress of the Union, announced in past weeks that, during the last half of the previous administration, the number of robberies registered on platforms was increased by 76%, so which, the Secretariat of the Navy (Semar), strengthens the security and development of the oil platforms installed in the Gulf of Mexico.


Source: Campeche Hoy MX