“Pirates” in the Gulf of Mexico: With Shotguns and Machetes Stole Two Boats in the Yucatan Sea

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Yucatan and Campeche fishermen warned that robberies have increased and are increasingly violent.

Assaults on the high seas are increasingly recurrent in the states of Yucatan and Campeche , in southeastern Mexico.

This Saturday “pirates” armed with machetes and shotguns assaulted two boats that sailed off the coast of the area known as Telchac Puerto , which they stripped of their engines, GPS devices, load of pesacado and other items.

The assailants traveled in motorboats that intercepted the ships “Dios Es Bueno X” and “Dios Es Bueno ll”. Upon boarding, they hounded the occupants with shotguns and machetes, while dismounting the engines and subtracting the technical equipment.

The boats were left adrift for several hours, until another ship rescued them and towed them to the shore of the port , where they filed a complaint with the authorities of the Naval Zone.

"Pirates" in the Gulf of Mexico: With Shotguns and Machetes Stole Two Boats in the Yucatan Sea

Assaults on the high seas increased since last year in Yucatán and Campeche , according to fishermen.

Just last November, hooded and armed men assaulted a fishing vessel in the sea of ​​the Sisal area to deprive it of the engine. The three crewmen were surprised asleep and threatened them.

According to the statement of the victims, the 4 men who assaulted them were aboard a well-equipped boat, with a powerful engine and even a mechanical arm that they used to take the Yamaha engine and 120 kilos of octopus. They also stripped the crew of their GPS device and cell phones.

A similar episode occurred in Puerto Progreso, one of the most important in Yucatan, in August 2018. As in Sisal, hooded and armed men assaulted 4 fishermen to take the engine of their boat and their belongings, during the early hours of the morning .

According to the fishermen’s cooperatives of Progreso and Dzilam, the coastal communities have reported an increase in robberies during their activities .

The fishermen affirm that the “pirates” are always armed and their booty is the engines of the boats , their fishing and their geolocation devices.

"Pirates" in the Gulf of Mexico: With Shotguns and Machetes Stole Two Boats in the Yucatan Sea

Faced with this, those affected have demanded that the authorities strengthen surveillance in the seas , where armed assaults are increasingly recurrent and violent.

The Ministry of Public Security of Yucatan, meanwhile, said that it has taken off operatives for the arrest of criminals, in which elements of the amphibious security body, special groups and maritime rescue participate.

Also in the area known as Sonda de Campeche, with intense oil activity, boat owners have warned that every month they denounce at least 3 assaults on the high seas .


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