Pirates Demand Ransom for Russian Sailors Captured in the Gulf of Guinea

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The kidnappers demanded a ransom for Russian sailors captured in the Gulf of Guinea, said Sergei Fishov, coordinator of the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) in Russia. Now it is necessary to agree on the place of transfer of people and money.

Where the abducted are now kept is unknown, but usually it is a jungle. Also, while there is no information about the time of the next contact with the invaders and the amount of the ransom.

“These are trades, intermediaries in any case will bring down the price, will come to a compromise in the end, based on common practice,” Fishov concluded.

Pirates attacked the MSC Mandy container ship on the night of January 2. On board were 24 people, including 23 citizens of Russia and one Ukrainian. Invaders kidnapped six Russians. The authorities of Benin opened a criminal case. A MSC spokesman said that shipowners intended to hire middlemen to negotiate with pirates. Abductions are not uncommon for this region, “this is a business,” which is most likely behind Nigerian pirates, experts explain.

Pirates Demand Ransom for Russian Sailors Captured in the Gulf of Guinea

Unlike the Somali, Nigerian is very closed and stingy on the dissemination of information. On average, pirate attacks in the Gulf of Guinea occur several times in six months. If earlier two or three people were seized, now often almost the entire crew is taken. Maritime law experts attribute this to the lack of permission to have armed guards on board.



Source: Maritime News of Russia