People Are Saved from Dying When Three Yachts Almost Collide Against a Sailboat [VIDEO]

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Through Facebook , the shocking moment in which three small boats are dragged by the current went viral and a tragedy almost happened.

On Facebook we shared the terrifying moment when three yachts are dragged by the current and are directed towards a huge sailboat. The people aboard the 4 boats are frightened by the short distance from which they were saved from dying.

drone filmed the race of sailboats in Sydney, Australia , until the air increased and the current began to pull the dozens of boats that were in the sea.

Three of those boats were luxurious yachts that were dragged by the tide towards a huge sailboat. The screams of panics of the people on board began to be heard, growing fear in the crowd and thousands of Facebook users.

The supermaxi yacht, which was the largest and most expensive, was dragged with greater speed than the other two boats, and little by little it approached the sailboat, which began to move its huge sail towards the ship.

As if by magic, at that moment, the air stopped being so strong and allowed the captain to double the sailboat, causing not only the big yacht to pass, without crashing, also the other two boats that were heading to the sailboat.

Thousands of Facebook users were shocked by the force of nature that pushed those heavy vessels where they wanted.