Paddle Boarder Drifts Just a Few Inches Away From Giant Blue Whale

Footage shows a paddle boarder having an incredible encounter with a blue whale off the coast of California. Stunning drone footage, which was filmed on April 25th off Long Beach, shows the whale surface right beside the boarder who is able to paddle with the marine giant for about half a minute.

A simply amazing encounter to be a single man on a small paddle board while just a few feet away from a giant blue whale. There must be a huge adrenaline rush and sense of excitement that comes with this encounter. It is not everyday you can just stumble across a blue whale while cruising on a boat, never mind a paddle board!

After about half a minute the whale begins to descend back down into the water ending the video with the paddle boarder drifting all alone without his big new buddy. Nonetheless, this short and wonderful encounter made for a great video clip to enjoy today!

Source: Liveleak & Newsflare