Ordered To Compensate Survivors of Shipwreck of Ferry In South Korea

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Seoul, Jan 14 – A South Korean district court sentenced the State and the Cheonghaejin Marine company to indemnify the survivors of the collapse of the Sewol ferry in 2014, with more than 300 passengers killed.

Suwon District Court ruled in favor of 76 survivors of the incident who filed the lawsuit and sentenced the State and the shipping company that owns the vessel to pay them 80 million won (71 thousand 250 dollars) each for their mental and physical suffering, the news agency Yonhap.

The shipwreck of the Sewol ferry occurred on April 16, 2014, on the southwestern coast of the country and claimed the lives of 304 people, most of them high school students who were on a school trip.

The judicial instance also ordered to compensate the parents of the students who died in the tragedy and the families of the rest of the survivors with smaller amounts.

At the hearing, the court recognized the negligence of both the authorities and the firm that operated the ferry in the accident.

Ordered To Compensate Survivors of Shipwreck of Ferry In South Korea

According to the ruling, both parties neglected the rescue operations and the State, in particular, was not able to provide accurate information about the rescue work or psychological support to the victims.

In July last year, a Central District Court in Seoul blamed Cheonghaejin Marine for the tragedy, mentioning cargo overload, and crew members for escaping and leaving passengers behind.

On that occasion, the magistrates ordered to pay compensation of 200 million won (178 thousand dollars) to the families of the victims of the event.

Previously, in November 2014, the captain of the ferry, Lee Joon-seok, was sentenced to 36 years in prison for abandoning more than 300 passengers who lost their lives when the boat capsized.

The sinking of the Sewol ferry was one of the worst maritime disasters in the history of South Korea De, similar to the shipwreck of a ship in October 1993 on the west coast that left 292 dead.



Source: Prensa-Latina