One of the Most Unusual Shark Behaviours Finally in Video (It Has Surprised Thousands)

Thanks to YouTube, thousands of users witnessed one of the most unusual shark behaviours in the world, which has perplexed experts in marine life.

family of sharks has caused great sensation on YouTube , due to the unusual way of behaving when ‘ resting ‘. A marine biologist descended to the depths of the ocean, near a volcanic island in Mexico and was able to capture the magnificent scene.

Some sharks have given much to talk on social networks for the particular way of ‘ sleeping ‘. This strange behaviour has left thousands of sea life experts impacted, because their behaviour has not yet been explained.

Do the sharks sleep?

These sharks need to be in motion all day, because they have no swim bladder and if they stop, they stop floating. Also, their gills only absorb oxygen while they are swimming. So they can never sleep.So what were these white tip sharks doing on the volcanic island of Mexico?

A diver who toured an island in the Revillagigedo archipelago, a protected area of ​​fishing and development by the Mexican Navy, captured and uploaded to YouTube the moment some white tip sharks seemed to sleep in arms.

The sharks ‘rest’ in those places because the water is too deep, so they find these areas along the wall to rest during the day. At night they become active and hunt food. This type of behaviour does not occur in many parts of the world and is a very rare vision.

Recent studies have shown that it is the spinal cord , not the brain, that makes these sharks swim. For that reason, it is believed that some sharks that move may experience periods of rest while their brains are less active.

Thousands of YouTube users have been impressed and moved by the way in which these marine animals come together to ‘rest’.Some have shared them in their different social network accounts.