On a Trujilo Beach in Peru They Found a ‘Siren’ and Thousands Were Amazed to See It .

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A young man came across a strange stone ‘ siren ‘ as he traveled the beaches of Trujillo with Google Maps , which left him surprised and decided to share it on his social networks.

With the help of the Google Maps application, a young man decided to visit the beaches of Trujillo , in La Libertad, Peru ; However, he was surprised to discover a strange stone ‘ siren ‘ that was on the shore of the sea and the images of this finding became a trend in social networks.

Through the cameras of Google Maps , a user could travel virtually the beaches of Trujillo , without imagining the incredible discovery he would make for the place. The young man shared in his social networks the captures of a mysterious mermaid that was on the shore of the sea, images that are viral on the Internet.

Google Maps is one of the most used applications by millions of Internet users since it allows to navigate around the world through Google Street View cameras; However, this app has also recorded curious scenes that have caught the attention of more than one.

Such is the case of the recent publication of a browser in Google Maps , who found a mysterious creature . What is it about? The tour was conducted by the district of Victor Larco Herrera in the province of Trujillo , left in evidence to a ‘ siren ‘.

Siren in Trujillos Beach Peru Naked

The images show the sculpture of a woman with a tail. According to the legend of the district, every night a woman goes out with songs to attract the attention of male tourists. For this reason, the neighbors decided to create a statue of a ‘ mermaid ‘ on the edge of the sea in Trujillo .

Thousands of Internet users to see the images of this static creature were impressed with its particular design since the features that created the sculptor is similar to that of a woman. In this note we share the photos of Google Maps .