Octopus ‘Dances’ For A Diver At The Bottom Of The Ocean [VIDEO]


A video of a Singular Octopod went viral in a video that reached thousands of views on YouTube.

The images will surprise you, as an octopus that has ‘fine’ style to dance has become viral.

The surprising video shows a diver encountering a peculiar octopus in the French Riviera, it shows the animal moving in a way that has rarely been seen.

The octopi appears to be moving in a very unusual way. Such was the surprise in thousands of citizens who said that the octopus was encouraged to ‘dance’ next to the human being.

“I think the octopus was fascinated by the presence of the diver and wanted to do something to get his attention,” wrote a viewer of the YouTube video.

While other users had similar appreciation about the octopus ‘dancer’. As described in the description, the pleasant event took place on June 1 and was published on YouTube on the 24th of this month. So far, the viral video has more than 4 thousand views.


Source: La Republica