Octopus Changes Several Colours While Sleeping And The Mysterious Reason Surprises Everyone [VIDEO]

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The curious and probable reason behind this unusual scene has left more than one with his mouth open. The video has gone viral on YouTube.

As explained by the expert in the advancement of the PBS Nature documentary, the mysterious reason for this stunning scene never seen before is possibly due to an octopus dream. Yes, you read it correct, octopus also dream and the pattern changes in their body are precisely due to this.

Will you have a pleasant dream? Is this the reason for its hue to vary constantly in just a few minutes? These are the questions left by the expert in the short, but revealing YouTube video, which has gone viral around the world.

It has been considered as one of the best viral videos of this year. An impressive recording broadcast on YouTube has caused a sensation in the networks during the last few hours, by showing the strange behaviour of a huge octopus while sleeping upside down in the depths of a huge aquarium.

This is the preview of a documentary about life in the deep sea, which opens next October, and has caused a stir on YouTube after its broadcast.

The images, which already have more than 733,000 views on YouTube, show the incredible moment in which an octopus continually changes the colour of its skin, at a rapid speed, while sleeping soundly. One of the researchers in charge of the documentary explained the possible reason for this strange cephalopod behaviour and it has surprised everyone.

“And last night I witnessed something I had never seen recorded on video before … If you’re dreaming, this is a dramatic moment. One can narrate what one dreams by seeing the changes in her body. Here, she is asleep and in her dream she sees a crab and her colour begins to change a little … then it becomes all dark. The octopus do that when they leave the background. This is like a camouflage. Just cut the crab and sit to eat and does not want anyone being aware of it … “he is heard narrating the video from YouTube to marine biologist David Scheel, who tries to decipher what could she be dreaming about to make the octopus continuously use her camouflage tool.

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Source: La Republica