Not Certain What Is Crazier Here? The Alligator Or The Guy On The Bicycle?

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Motorists surprised by the scene stopped to make way for the animals.

In Florida, USA, the sighting of alligators in public places is not uncommon, but it is not so common to see these reptiles crossing a street carrying their prey in the jaws in the company of vultures.

The images of that scene, published on social networks, were recorded last week in the  city ​​of Parkland. The person responsible for disseminating the video, in statements  to the local press, said he did not know what the alligator was dragging, but assumed that it was  something dead.

This presumption is based on the stalking of the vultures, waiting for the reptile to drop its prey.

I don’t know what is more crazy? The alligator dragging something dead across the street…or how close that guy is sitting to him on a bicycle.



Source: ActualidadRT