Nigerian Ship in Possession of Pirates Rescued by Spanish Navy After 4 Terrifying Days in the Gulf of Guinea (VIDEO)

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The ship, a merchant ship with a Nigerian flag, had been in the possession of nine pirates for four days, as reported by the Army Staff.

Several soldiers of the Spanish Navy have freed a ship that had been kidnapped four days in the Gulf of Guinea . The ship, a merchant with a Nigerian flag, had been in the possession of nine pirates for four days, according to the Navy Staff . The rescue has been taken to cobo by sailors of the patrol boat Serviola, that did works of surveillance in waters of the gulf. This is one of the international missions in which the Spanish military are, because in addition to Somalia, on the west coast of Africa there is also piracy.

According to the story offered by the Navy, this past Tuesday the Serviola detected that the merchant ship was making strange movements, and also noted that there was a small boat next to the ship. The patrolman decided to approach then to investigate what was happening.

At the time two Zodiac- type boats approached the merchant, the small boat that was next to the ship fled at high speed. In the video you can see how the Spanish military approach and then a small boat is thrown into the sea in a hurry. They were the pirates, who fled when they were discovered.

The captain of the Nigerian ship told the Spaniards that they had been kidnapped for four days, after the pirates assaulted them by surprise armed with AK-47 rifles and grenade launchers. During the days they were held, the pirates stole all the money they found on the ship, valuables and much of the food.

They were threatened so they would not answer the calls the Serviola sent them , but in part that helped the pirates get scared and flee without harming the crew, which was made up of 12 Nigerians.

The sailors gave provisions to the crew of the ship and continued with the patrol, while the hijacked ship headed for Lagos, concludes the statement sent by the Navy.


Source: El Mundo