Newlyweds Pose In A Muddy Stream For Photos When A Terrifying Surprise Guest Appears [VIDEO]

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A newly married couple lived a terrifying moment when they took pictures for their wedding day. 

A viral video that has been shared on YouTube surprised thousands of users in Mexico , the United States, Spain and other countries. A couple of newlyweds went to a dangerous river to take some photographs with the attire for marriage; However, they lived a terrifying moment after being the victim of a lethal creature that emerged from the water to attack the protagonists in love.

What happened? What would be a romantic moment for the protagonists of YouTube’s viral video , became a scary one for the dangerous creature that came out of the river at the time the couple were posing for photos of their marriage .

Thousands of users who saw the viral video , which has been shared on various social networks, burst out laughing when they saw the reaction of the man , who, according to the comments, suffered from ophidhophobia, which is the fear of snakes .

A poisonous creature emerged from the river at the exact moment when the couple took their photos in a desolate field. This publication shared by ‘video_online17’ on YouTube has had greater reactions from users in Mexico .

A snake released to the legs of the fiancé, when he realized, he ran away terrified placing himself behind his partner , who remained calm throughout the viral video .

“I would not feel protected with that man”, “How funny, the woman is stronger and tougher than her husband”, “Poor guy, almost suffers from a cardiac arrest hahaha”, were some of the comments that YouTube users wrote .



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Source: La Republica