New Mass Shipment Of Cocaine Found In Hamburg, Now From Brazil

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The mechanism was the same as last week: a ton and a half of drugs were loaded on a ship in South America to Antwerp, stopping in Hamburg.

The investigation continues to determine if the 4,500 kilos of cocaine found last week in Hamburg, Germany, actually came from our country, as stated, or were loaded in Santos (as happened in April with another cargo detected on a ship leaving Montevideo ).

From the DEA they assured Montevideo Portal that no information can be provided yet because the case is under investigation. Alberto Díaz, president of the National Port Administration, also told Montevideo Portal that until this morning he had no knowledge of whether a conclusion had been reached on the origin of the cargo.

In the port of Hamburg, meanwhile, another large shipment of cocaine from South America was seized today.

According to the Abendblatt newspaper, just a few days after the registration of 4.5 tons of cocaine in the port of Hamburg, Customs announced that an amount of 1.5 tons was discovered in another container ship. The drugs were hidden in sports bags, as in previous cases, and would have been worth about 350 million euros in street sales

Cocaine arrived on a ship loaded with tobacco and had the same destination as the previous one: the port of Antwerp. Oliver Bachmann, a spokesman for customs in Hamburg, said that this time the containers were loaded in Rio Grande, Brazil. 

It involved 64 sports bags with 1,575 packages of pressed cocaine, he said. The purity of the cocaine found is “very high.” “The cocaine seized has already been destroyed under strict secrecy and extensive security measures,” the spokesman said.

New Mass Shipment Of Cocaine Found In Hamburg, Now From Brazil


Source: Montevideo