Narcos Travelling By Boat Throw Cocaine Stash Before Being Captured (Video)

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Six drug traffickers throw hundreds of tons of cocaine into the sea before being captured by United States Coast Guard.

A video released by the Coast Guard shows traffickers when they get rid of the drug. The bales threw them into the waters of the Pacific. The images show when they throw drugs packages into the sea.

However, the anti-drug authorities managed to recover the stash. Now the drug traffickers will be prosecuted. Coast Guard Cutter Munro’s crew unloaded a total of 39,000 pounds of cocaine and 933 marijuana seized in 14 operations in Pacific Ocean waters in San Diego.

The United States Coast Guard reported that three of its units carried out the operations. A few days ago the Coast Guard caught a narco submarine carrying a cargo of cocaine. Officials jumped on the motorboat to stop its crew.

From the end of June until mid-July, the Coast Guard recovered a stash of 13 tons of cocaine. The drug was seized in six smuggling boats and two boats.

The vessels intercepted them on the coasts of Mexico, Central and South America. The operatives were deployed by Coast Guard agents from Robert Ward and Steadfast fleets, according to a US Coast Guard statement.


Source: acn