Mysterious Underwater Shenanigans Cause Magical Moment to Occur

On May 15, 2019 in Binibequer, Baleares, Spain, a scuba diver was playing around underwater on a beautiful sunny day. He decided to make bubble rings and shoot them up towards the surface.

He leaned back, blew out with his lips shaped like an O, one after another causing the two bubble rings to collide in slow motion with sun rays in the background. This created a majestic scene with the two bubble rings acting so strange towards another but yet so awesome looking.

With the sun rays beaming down into the water from above, this event was truly something special to capture on camera. Later in the video the diver ends up laying on the ground and shooting rings up at the camera from down below. Another cool spectacle he included in this moment.

Enjoy the fun video down below!

Source: ViralHog