Mysterious Ship Accident Leaves 42 Animals And 1 Man Dead In The Aysén Region Of Chile

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During this Monday it was possible to land 10 of the cattle that remained in the wrecked vessel.

Deputy Leuquén will support the legal actions initiated by the carriers against the company.

In its last report released on Tuesday, the Navy increased the count to 42 of the number of animals killed in the motorboat Coyhaique, which  ran aground on July 3 in the Moraleda channel in the Aysén region .

The Lieutenant Gonzalo Jimenez  said during Monday managed to land a dozen animals from the stricken vessel.

“They are alive, they are standing on board the Doña Coty ship and the intention was initially to take them ashore to a nearby beach that is in the same Puerto Laguna, but due to weather conditions it was not possible” said the chief of the Security Department and Maritime Operations of Aysén.

On Tuesday, two boats were added to the work that will be responsible for moving the 192 animals that remain alive on the Coyhaique motorboat to land.

“It is being evaluated with the SAG to leave them in the first instance on land to be able to disembark all the animals and later transfer them to Puerto Chacabuco or to the port that the company has,” Jiménez added.

In parallel, the deputy Aracely Leuquén (RN)  indicated that they will support the carriers with legal actions for the alleged responsibilities of the company Navimag.

“The possible responsibilities of the company can not go unnoticed and this is the testimony of many affected people, whom we are going to support with legal action because Navimag is a company that provides services in a very complex and fundamental route for the development of the region of Aysén “, commented the parliamentarian.

Mysterious Ship Accident Leaves 42 Animals And 1 Man Dead In The Aysén Region Of Chile

The other legal edge is the investigation headed by the maritime prosecutor regarding the causes that caused the accident.

“It is a matter of investigation, but preliminarily, effectively the ship was on autopilot and for causes that are investigated, it would have strayed from its course and hit the shores of Melchor Island,” Lieutenant Jiménez said.

After the accident, the second pilot of the boat was found dead in one of the ship’s offices, a death that is being investigated by the Homicide Brigade.


Source: Cooperativa