‘Mysterious Marine Creature’ Swallows a Rat That Fell into the Ocean and This Happens [VIDEO]

Shocking A man posted on Facebook the exact moment when a huge fish devoured a sewer rat that fell into the ocean.

You will not believe it. A fisherman used Facebook to share an amazing video that quickly went viral in various social networks. And the man from Mexico filmed a huge ‘sea creature’ devouring a sewer rat that fell into the sea.

The viral video has been shared by the account ‘The Ginger Fisherman’ on Facebook , platform where thousands of Internet users have expressed their reactions. Currently the publication has more than 50 thousand views.

What appeared? A fisherman made a curious experiment inside the sea. The man installed a GoPro camera in the water to then throw a sewer rat, when reviewing the filming a mysterious sea ​​creature stole his attention.

In Facebook you can appreciate the moment when the ‘ sewer rat ‘ was devoured by a huge hungry fish. The hidden camera was able to record this scene that has been shared on various platforms such as YouTube and Twitter.

The author of the video tried to demonstrate to his Facebook followers that sea creatures can also feed on rats, as can be seen in the viral. This unusual fact has managed to get more comments from the users of the Aztec country, Mexico .

In this note we share the viral video and our note, remember that to see the photos, all you have to do is slide each photo to the left.

Check out the viral video on Facebook here: