Mysterious Disappearance Of Two Sailors Who Vanished While Ship Was Being Unloaded

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The ship from the South Asian country arrived at the port of Palermo (Magdalena) on April 27 to bring goods. The crew went down to see the city and since the 30th, nothing is known about them.

On April 27, the Banglar Samriddhi vessel landed in Colombian waters, coming from Brazil, whose mission consisted in the delivery of a steel cargo collected in Suape, Pernambuco.

The merchant ship, of origin and crew from the South Asian country of Bangladesh, arrived at the port of Palermo (Magdalena) to connect with the Pharo Maritime Agency, which managed its entry into Colombia in order to comply with the order placed by a client. Colombian.

After three days, at 11:35 am on April 30, after the unloading of the merchandise, two crew members of the boat opted to go for a walk around the port with the condition of returning in the afternoon.

Thus, Abdul Awal, 57, and his companion Mohammad Nur Nabi, 58, left for Barranquilla “to meet”, as stated in the search circular issued by the Attorney General’s Office to which they were reported the disappearance of the sailors.

During the early hours of May 1, in view of the fact that Bangladeshi citizens did not appear at the port, the Pharo Maritime Agency, as representatives on the ground of the Banglar Samriddhi vessel, gave notice to the Colombian authorities.

About Abdul Awal and Mohammad Nur Nabi met who work in the area of ​​cleaning the boat. In fact, according to passport data, Nabi celebrates his birthday tomorrow.

Through field work done by agents of the Disappeared Unit of the Technical Investigation Corps of the Prosecutor’s Office, they showed that both subjects were captured by the security cameras of the port when they were leaving and from there they lost their trail.

The Banglar Samriddhi continued its itinerary and set sail on May 3 from the port of Palermo towards Fortaleza, Brazil.

How is the search progressing?

Guillermo Ruan, manager of Marventura Services Ltda., The correspondent company for the insurer of the ship Banglar Samriddhi, said that they are aware of what happened to the crew Abdul Awal and Mohammad Nur Nabi, clarifying that it is the Office of the Prosecutor and the Police who must carry out the search of foreigners.

“We are the correspondent in Colombia of the boat insurance. We enter into function only if the ship arrives to present a problem or incident, otherwise we are very possibly unaware of its arrival, “explained Ruan.

“If the insured boat presents a problem that involves its responsibility, as would be the case of an injured or missing crew member, damage to the load, collision, etc., that is when they will contact us, as now that these two sailors disappeared “, Said the manager of Marventura Services Ltda.

Ruan ratified that they are not the people responsible for the search of the Bangladeshis; However, they say that they have worked in what they have been able to do the most.

“On April 30 about 11.35 in the morning they disembarked and the next day they did not appear. That May 1 is when they put us on the case. From that moment we hired an inspector on board, who inquired into the boat any new thing that might have happened, but found nothing out of the ordinary. The other crew members stated that they did not know what their teammates were planning to do when they left the port, “Ruan added.

“As correspondents we are waiting for them to appear to provide them with the necessary support, including medical assistance in case they had suffered an accident, and then proceed with their repatriation,” Ruan concluded.

About Bangladesh

This country is located in South Asia and borders India to the north, India and Burma to the east, the Gulf of Bengal to the south and India to the west.

Mysterious Disappearance Of Two Sailors Who Vanished While Ship Was Being Unloaded

Bangladesh won independence from Pakistan in December 1971, after a nine-month-long conflict that left three million dead.

It has a population of 164.7 million inhabitants and its capital is Daca; The official language is Bengali, although English is also present and its currency is taka.

Between Colombia and Bangladesh there is an air distance of 16,460 kilometers, about 20 hours in direct flight. The sea route is 8,882 miles.

In Bangladesh, the main economic activities are livestock, agriculture and the textile industry. However, this South Asian country is one of the poorest in the world in which more than a third of the population lives on a dollar a day, considered the threshold of extreme poverty.

The Search Unit of the Prosecutor’s Office arranged the cell phone lines 313-5851985 and 317-5172701 to deliver information that leads to the whereabouts of foreign citizens.


Source: El Heraldo