Mossad Helped Link Iran With Sabotage To UAE Oilmen


The intelligence material collected by the Israeli agency Mossad played a key role in linking Iran with the sabotage of four oil tankers off the coasts of the United Arab Emirates last month , as a result of that investigation, the United States accused Tehran of commit this attack , according to a report published on Monday.

Public broadcaster Khan said the United States will present intelligence information in the coming days, including evidence collected by Israel, probably from the UN Security Council, as tensions between Washington and Tehran continue.

An Israeli naval spokesman called Iran’s alleged attack on oilmen in the UAE “an impressive command operation.”

The official added that the intelligence services demonstrated that the objective of the Islamic Republic of Iran was to damage the ships without harming those on board .

Last month, US national security adviser John Bolton accused Tehran and its proxies of bombing oil tankers near the Strait of Hormuz, a coordinated attack with drones against Saudi Arabia by the Houthi rebels of Yemen, supported by Iran; and rocket attacks near the US embassy in Iraq. It did not provide direct evidence in support of allegations that Iran was involved in these attacks, but told reporters that these findings were based on information and evidence gathered in the region.

Long ago, Iran’s severe critic, Bolton, accused Tehran of recent incidents, and at one point said that the explosives that damaged the four oil tankers off the UAE coast were “almost certainly” placed Iran . He refused to provide any evidence of his allegations.

“Who else do you think is doing this? Bolton asked at a time last week when he was pressured. Someone from Nepal?”

Iran denies its participation in this attack.

A few weeks before the incident, Channel 13 reported that the Mossad had warned the United States of Iran’s imminent attack on US interests in the Persian Gulf , prompting Washington to send an air strike force to the region before the strong pressure of the American president Donald Trump.

Israeli officials relayed information mainly compiled by Mossad about Iran’s plan to attack the goal of the United States or its allies, whose details were not provided to the network, according to Channel 13.

Initially, the threat was raised by the White House in April, authorities told the station when the Israeli delegation, led by the head of the National Security Council Meir Ben-Shabbat , spoke with his American counterparts.

Mossad Helped Link Iran With Sabotage To UAE Oilmen


Source: Israel Noticias