More Than 30 Hippos Attack Crocodile Inside the Lake and the End is Unexpected [VIDEO]

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Onlookers who saw the attack of a herd of hippos against a fearsome crocodile . You will be shocked to see the end. The video shows how a huge lizard faces more than 30 angry hippos trying to kill him. 

A crocodile took a big beating after it could not escape from a herd of hippos that were gathered in a river. 

73-year-old Harish Kumar tells how he captured these incredible images . “We were travelling in a Dutch group of about 18 people. It was a beautiful day and we only had two days of vacation. Our guide took us on a trip to the hippo pool “

The video shows how a crocodile did not realize that it fell into a death trap while swimming in a river, and it is that without realizing it, came to a herd of enraged hippos that began to hurt him with his huge teeth.

The crocodile tries to get away but next to it there is another hippopotamus that tries to protect its space and tries to bite it with its sharp teeth. The crocodile continues its hardest fight to leave but one of them catches it, nevertheless when another one of the enormous mammals tries to bite the tail, it causes that his companion releases the reptile, that leaves alive of the confrontation.


Source: La Republica