More Cocaine In Uruguay: 854 Kilos Of That Substance Worth 1.1 Billion Was Seized In A New Operation

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The incident occurred in Parque del Plata, 50 kilometers from Montevideo, where three people were arrested and two vehicles captured. Just hours ago it had transcended the discovery in Germany of 4,500 kilos of the same drug, inside a container that came from Uruguay.

Uruguayan police seized a total of 854 kilos of cocaine on Saturday in a seaside resort 50 kilometers from Montevideo , local press reported, a day after the discovery of 4,500 kilos of the same drug in Germany transpired in a container Uruguayan.

In the operation , three people were arrested, one of whom was charged with the crime of drug trafficking in deposit mode , said the Underlined portal , and a preventive detention was issued for 90 days against him.

The arrested man is 50 years old, unemployed and was in charge of guarding the drug. For this service he was paid 5,000 Uruguayan pesos a day (about 144 dollars) .

The other two arrested are still waiting for the complaint, and they would be the drivers of a white Mercedes Benz van and a Volkswagen Amarok van, also captured, newspaper El Observador said.

The prosecutor Monica Ferrero intervenes in the case , local press confirmed.

While the owners of the house said they had nothing to do and said they did not know that the tenants to whom they had been rented were drug traffickers.

In total seized 817 bricks of cocaine, with a weight of 854 kilos in the town of Parque del Plata , on the Gold Coast of the Rio de la Plata, 50 kilometers from the capital Montevideo and about 80 kilometers from the exclusive seaside resort Punta from the east.

The Warsaw operation  undertaken by the police Uruguay l weighed one of the largest seizures in the country’s history, and a day after that transcended the seizure of 4,500 kilos of cocaine in Germany, inside a container of Uruguayan origin.

It would be a drug that was destined for the city of Montevideo, according to researchers, from where it is usually smuggled to Europe, where every kilo of cocaine can be sold at 40,000 euros (about 44,000 dollars). This means the loot of cocaine seized would have a value in Europe of 34,160,000 million euros (about 38 million dollars).

More Cocaine In Uruguay: 854 Kilos Of That Substance Worth 1.1 Billion Was Seized In A New Operation

Meanwhile, according to TeleMundo , the drug was launched from airplanes in fields around the coastal area, and then be taken in the vans to the house in Parque del Plata, department of Canelones, as the first stop.

The traffic to Europe

German authorities found two weeks ago a total of 4,500 kilos of cocaine camouflaged in sports bags and transported by a container ship from Uruguay, whose destination was the Belgian city of Ambere s, customs sources in Hamburg reported Friday.


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