Monster with 18 Tentacles Intrigues Scientists

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We have always told you that the sea keeps terrible secrets, because we only know five percent of the waters of the planet, so we are not exaggerating when we suggest that Aquaman probably exists. Or maybe not.

What we are sure of is that as time goes by, scientists, divers and fishermen have discovered thousands of strange animals with sinister appearances and unusual survival styles.

Recently, a group of Chinese researchers found an ancient sea creature with eighteen tentacles around its mouth.

Do not worry, do not think it is the Kraken, because this fossil is 518 million years old and belongs to the Daihua Sanqiong species, previously unknown.

Jakob Vinther, from the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom, revealed in an article published in Current Biology that this finding would solve the mystery of a ‘missing link of evolution’ that has to do with the origin of the ctenophores.

The so-called Cambrian explosion was a period in which evolution accelerated approximately 520-540 million years ago. After this boom, the predecessors of worms , insects, fish and other vertebrates were formed.

Before this discovery, it was believed that primitive bacteria such as hydras and sponges were the basis of evolution; however, the fossil finding showed that there is an intermediate link.

Monster with 18 Tentacles Intrigues Scientists

This creature carried a motionless lifestyle, despite the presence of a large number of tentacles. It was fed by the extraction of plankton. Each of its eighteen tentacles was formed by a thin branch that probably helped him catch the prey.

The expert indicated that some of the ancestors of the ctenophores had skeletons and that their tentacles swelled in the way we know them in other marine animals. Vinther and his colleagues say that the ctenophores could be directly related to corals, sea anemones and jellyfish.


Source: la neta noticias