Modern Day Mermaid Tours A Shipwreck At Bottom Of The Ocean  (VIDEO)

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A dive to the bottom of the sea, led her to discover a mysterious abandoned relic.

She never imagined making this incredible discovery. A diver went viral on social networks because of the incredible discovery she made inside the sea. The diver recorded the moment she entered a mysterious vestige that was in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean. 

The finding was recorded off a Bermuda beach, British territory in the North Atlantic Ocean. The diver who recorded the video found a mysterious ship that was intact. She did not let the moment pass and recorded her journey inside the relic.

“I’m sinking with this ship. A blessing in the Bermudas exploring and venturing through an accident, “wrote the explorer, who received thousands of comments on her Facebook and Instagram accounts.

“Incredible! I would have loved to have found a treasure inside the boat “,” I thought there was a siren”,” The boat is intact. Great video! “Were some of the comments that viewers wrote .

It is worth mentioning that the mermaid in the video is a renowned athlete who managed to break the world record of “non-fins of constant weight South Africans”, where she exceeded two minutes and 44 seconds holding her breath under the sea.

Here we share the video…


Source: La Republica