Military Investigation Of All Men On Board Accused Of Making “Rape Lists” Of Female Crew Members

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One woman told investigators that those lists have caused “all the men on board to be questioned.”

A military investigation has discovered that the soldiers of the second submarine of the United States Navy that integrates women as sailors and officers in their male crew performed “rape lists” of women, which has generated fears for their safety.

The lists were shared on the USS Florida, a  submarine of guided missiles , where investigators found that “obscene and sexist comments and jokes were tolerated, and that trust in the chain of command was non-existent,” according to the  report of the investigation. 74 pages  made last year to which had access through an application under the Freedom of Information Act.

It is alleged that in June an assistant informed Captain Gregory Kercher, the commander of the submarine at that time, of the existence of two lists of the female members of the submarine’s crew. In a list, women were classified using a system of asterisks from 1 to 4 and the other contained sexually explicit comments along with the corresponding names in the ranking, according to the investigation.

“The rumors that there was a ‘list of rape’ were spread by the entire crew, so that  a large number of women were concerned about their safety  and the male members who heard about the existence of such a list also repudiated it,” He wrote Rear Admiral Jeff Jablon, then commander of Submarine Group 10, according to “Very few were aware of the limited actions he was taking,” Kercher said.

Although Jablon referred to a “rape list,” the information does not appear to specifically mention rape, but refers to “aggressive sexual activity” with women, the investigation reported.

“The sexually explicit list describes several women of the USS Florida according to their appearance and physical characteristics, also mentioning the sexual acts that the creators of the list wished to perform with them,” according to the report. “The list describes  aggressive sexual activity , but does not refer to non-consensual acts.”

Kercher was removed from his post last August. The reason that was publicly disclosed at that time was a loss of confidence due to a ” bad managerial climate ,” which was what prompted the investigation, Naval News reported. The Navy did not mention the existence of such lists.

They also fired two sailors, US-based submarine services spokeswoman Sarah Self-Kyler told “Additional administrative actions were taken against other members of the commando for their mismanagement of the report” of the lists, he said.

When the lists were made, there were 32 women in a “golden crew” consisting of 173 members in the submarine based in Kings Bay, Georgia, which has a second rotating crew, according to the military publication.

Last year, Kercher bragged about the ease with which women integrated into the USS Florida.

Military Investigation Of Sailors And Officers Who Made "Rape Lists" Of Female Crew Members

“If we had tried to do this 15 or 20 years in an unforeseen way, I think it would have been difficult,” Kercher told the Florida Times-Union. “We would not have been prepared and it probably would not have  worked as well as it did .”

According to the investigation, in June a sailor from the USS Florida showed a female petty officer two lists that included the name of each woman on board with ratings and sexual comments. He said that the lists were on the submarines’ computer network and that the men updated them and voted for the women. The non-commissioned officer took photos of the lists and reported their existence to a superior. However, it was reported that few measures were taken, which was a cause of concern among the submarine women.


Source: ES-US Noticias