Mexico: There Are 4 Ships Insured by Fuel Transfer

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These ships are taken to the port of two mouths and the federal authority says it is in charge of determining what happens to the people who are detained and the boats that are insured.

From January to date, four vessels allegedly engaged in the transfer of fuel on the high seas have been insured, said Gregorio Martínez Núñez, Vice Admiral of the Fifth Naval Zone in Tabasco.

“The operatives are permanent, it all depends on the intelligence information that is available, it revealed that there had already been assurances of ships in the same situation as the last ones that were announced in Cd del Carmen and Gulf waters, we are in the sea all the time. “

There Are 4 Ships Insured by Fuel Transfer

“There are some foreign ships, with a Mexican flag,” revealed the high-ranking sailor, about the ships, adding that no navy personnel involved in these events have been arrested.

Vice Admiral Martinez Nunez clarified that there are no pirates on the high seas, there is fuel transfer, ships have been secured from theft of junk, and there is no other crime that can be confirmed via the sea and, there has been no assurance of migrants the Gulf of Mexico.


Source: El Dictamen