Mexican Fisherman Finds Strange Creature in the Water and Causes Panic and Commotion among Internet Users. [Pictures]

Amazed. This left more than one user of Facebook and other social networks after the unusual discovery of Jesus Alvarez, a Mexican citizen who became trend to find a strange specimen of octopus that did not hesitate to baptize as “vampire octopus”. Next, we detail his discovery that made jump of fear to all the Internet.

It was through a Facebook publication that the man, from the state of Yucatan, revealed the strange mollusk, which appeared among the kilos of octopus that usually fish, according to local media Uno TV.

As you can see in the image, the so-called “vampire octopus” is characterized by its black color and white eyes, and its tentacles have membranes similar to those of a bat.

The media also noted that the species would correspond to a type of “vampire squid” (Vampyroteuthis infernalis, ‘vampire squid of hell’), which inhabits the depths of the sea.

The truth is that the publication obtained a great popularity in Facebook to the point of becoming trend and accumulating hundreds of reactions in Internet.