Messing With A Poisonous Octopus Capable Of Killing 26 People And Survives By A Miracle (Insane VIDEO)

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An Irish tourist posed without any protection with an octopus of blue rings, not knowing that his bite can be deadly.

Three fishermen captured an octopus with blue rings in Queensland, Australia, and decided to shoot a video with the cephalopoda, without knowing the danger they were tempting. The video was shared July 12 on social networks, and just before the warning of Internet users, they realized that they were putting their lives at risk.

“We didn’t realize what kind of octopus it was,” said  Briton Ross Saunders, who filmed one of his friends, a native of Ireland, with the octopus on his arm and then shared the video. According to him, the scene did not last more than 30 seconds and then they returned it to the water alive.

What the three were unaware of was that the blue-ringed octopus, despite its tiny size, according to 7News, is one of Australia’s deadliest creatures and with its venom is capable of killing 26 people in a matter of minutes. Even a bite can cause paralysis. In addition, no medication can combat its toxin.

They could not believe it

After publishing the video, comments about the dangerousness of that species began to multiply, but Saunders and his friends recently understood the “fatal” danger they faced, after they searched for more details about that species on Google.

“Fortunately, nobody was hurt and we can laugh at how close we were to death and how stupid we were,” Saunders reflected on Facebook. “Lesson learned, do not disturb the wildlife in Australia,” he concluded.


Source: ActualidadRT