Mesmerizing Moment Caught By Drone Of Hundreds Of Bat Rays Off The Coast Of Australia (VIDEO)

Hundreds of bat rays filmed from the air

In a video filmed using a drone shows a formation of rays off the coast of Australia.

The beautiful footage filmed Thursday shows hundreds of bat rays swimming in the crystal clear waters of Bondi Beach, reports Reuters.

The images were filmed by the company DRONE SHARK APP , specialized in taking pictures from the top of the sky.

The bat ray, in English “cownoseray”, has a fold in the middle of the muzzle dividing it into two lobes, a little like the muzzle of a cow.

These rays move and hunt in the seabed, but can leap out of the water, especially to flee a predator.

They circulate by flapping their wings, a bit like a bird, or a bat.



Source: TVAnouvelles