Marina of Brazil Performs Operation Aspirantex 2019

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Nearly 2,000 soldiers participated in a maritime naval exercise.

From January 11 to 31, 2019, the Brazilian Navy (MB) carried out Operation Aspirantex 2019, in the maritime sector between Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and Montevideo, Uruguay. One of the objectives of the exercise was to train the cadets of the Naval School for life on board and the routines performed on a boat.

Some 2000 soldiers, of which 319 are cadets of the Naval School, participated in the 2019 edition of Aspirantex. For 20 days, the military and cadets of the MB carried out various military exercises such as aircraft operations, fuel transfer at sea, tactical maneuvers between vessels, and firing and firefighting exercises to improve the performance of naval and coastal resources. of the Navy.

“The 2000 military belong to the crews of ships of the Task Force, the embarked air detachments (aircraft), the group of combat divers and 2. to Marine Division, who planned and coordinated the operation , ” said Adm of the MB Fernando Ranauro Cozzolino, commander of the Task Force of Aspirantex 2019. “The participating cadets attend the first, second and third year of the Naval School”.

The commander said that the training was designed specifically for the different courses of the Naval School. “The first-year cadets had an unprecedented experience with a great commission at sea; the second year had the opportunity to follow the operational exercises and exchange experiences with other officers and non-commissioned officers of the vessels, which will help them to choose the body to which they will join at the end of their second year; and third-year cadets fulfilled a specific program of activities according to the qualifications they chose: armament, machinery and electronics, “he said.

“The great challenge for the crew of the Task Force was to show the cadets our passion for the profession and the capacity of our ships and personnel,” said the Contralmte. Cozzolino “[We must] inspire them with example and dedication to work to be sailors.”

Experience at sea

The boats that participated in Operation Aspirantex 2019 covered 4600 nautical miles (8500 kilometers). There were about 90 different exercises like drift target, aerial maneuvers, displacement under enemy threat, tactical maneuvers and cargo transfer between vessels, where the ships need to sail side by side, in addition to the damage control exercise, where a fire is simulated in the compartment of a ship.

“An important activity that we carried out was the threat and air strike, which has as its purpose to prepare the operative group in the defense against the attack of fixed-wing aircraft, through the use of radars and anti-aircraft defense systems of ships and the neutralization of threats, “said the Contralmte. Cozzolino During the exercise, the MB ships were attacked simultaneously by AMX fighters of the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) and AF-1 fighters of the MB. “The combination of boats and aircraft provided flexibility and diversity to the exercises carried out and promoted a more complete training for the ships, aircraft and crews of the MB”.

The exercise used a total of six MB aircraft: SH-16 antisubmarine helicopters, general purpose UH-15s, general purpose UH-12s and intercept AF-1s. There was also participation of FAB aircraft: the P-95 patrol, the P-3AM antisubmarine and the A-1 attack. The vessels that participated were: the multipurpose helicopter carrier (PHM) Atlântico, which participated for the first time in Operation Aspirantex; the landing ship of combat vehicles Almirante Sabóia; the Rademaker and Independência frigates; and the Júlio de Noronha corvette.

The Contralmte Cozzolino assured that Operation Aspirantex 2019 had a positive balance and fulfilled its objective. “We carry out all the planned exercises, we take advantage of the training with our resources and our personnel, besides having motivated the cadets, who are the future of our Navy; We expand your knowledge about the routine of our warships in maritime operations.

Marina of Brazil Performs Operation Aspirantex 2019

Navigation in foreign waters

Operation Aspirantex included a stopover in the port of Montevideo, Uruguay. There the aspirants had the opportunity to get to know the Uruguayan Naval Museum and to exchange experiences with cadets of the Uruguayan Navy. “Brazil and Uruguay have a fraternal relationship, and going to Montevideo with our ships further strengthened the ties between our countries and their marinas,” said the Contralmte. Cozzolino “This edition also marked the first trip of the PHM Atlântico to a foreign port, after its incorporation into the MB”.

“It was an excellent opportunity to meet the cadets of the Navy of Uruguay, their routine and culture, in addition to knowing a little about the history and origin of that marine friend,” said cadet Richard Willian Ferreira Freitas, who is in the second year at the Naval School. For the cadets, the operation fulfills the same function as an internship for a university student. “Here we can apply our theoretical knowledge in practice, expand our knowledge and also observe the work of officers on board.”

“During an operational commission the routine is usually hectic; We performed exercises throughout the day, also at night, “said the cadet. “If we did not accompany an exercise, we would receive talks about issues related to the naval career. In addition, all day we perform physical and military training to maintain physical health.

The cadet stressed that the plurality of resources used in the operation made the experience more complete. “There were simulations of surface warfare, anti-aircraft warfare and others in which the troops cooperated with each other,” he concluded.


Source: Dialogo-Americas