Mar del Plata, Argentina: A 6-Year-Old Boy Drowned After Falling From An Old Dock

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In the northern zone:

The breakwater is on a property closed to the public. The boy was accompanied by his brother and two cousins.

A 6-year-old boy who was accompanied by his brother and two cousins ​​of 10 and 13 years old, drowned when he fell into the sea from a dock in the northern zone of Mar del Plata. The pier, located next to the sewage effluent plant, between Parque Camet and Santa Clara del Mar, and is closed to the public.  Nor is it a bathroom area.

It happened around 14 when the boys walked on a jetty that has restricted access; It is made of iron and is completely oxidized due to marine erosion, and it penetrates a little over a hundred meters into the sea. They had the intention of fishing from there and to get there they had crossed a perimeter fence; they all have their address in the neighborhood on the other side of Route 11.  

It is unknown what caused the boy’s fall. The lifeguards of the nearest public beach managed to rescue it minutes later and with the support of a semi-rigid boat with a motor, they took it from the sea.

Rescuers of firefighters and lifeguards performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation maneuvers on the beach, but had been  removed from the water “apparently without vital signs,” police sources said. Then an ambulance from SAME transferred him to the Interzonal Specialized Maternal and Child Hospital in Mar del Plata, where the doctors confirmed that he had died.   

Mar del Plata A 6-Year-Old Boy Drowned After Falling From An Old Dock

The rusty iron wharf is located inside a building closed to the public.

In this incident, the Functional Unit of Instruction 1 is in charge of the prosecutor Fernando Castro, where an investigation was initiated for “ascertainment of the causes of death”. The prosecutor told local media that “it is still unclear if the boy lost his balance or if he was hit by a wave, and although he worked for more than half an hour to rescue him, the body was recovered apparently already without life.”

“The area where this accident happened is private, it belongs to Obras Sanitarias and it is not allowed to bathe in the sea, there is the former emptier but many people enter through a hole in the fence to fish,” Castro said.

A similar accident occurred on the same iron breakwater on May 6, 2017, when Ezequiel Núñez, 23, fell into the water during the early hours of the morning while fishing. He could not be rescued, his body appeared hours later in the area of ​​Playa Varese, at least ten kilometers south of that place.


Source: Clarin