‘Mar de Sombras’ Sea of Shadows: This Documentary Produced by Leonardo DiCaprio is a Call to Save the Vaquita Navy in Mexico

It is not a secret that the situation of the vaquita in Mexico is very delicate. In fact, its extinction is imminent because the multiple efforts of different organizations have been in vain . A real pity for the fauna because it is the only endemic cetacean in Mexico.

The foundations of Carlos Slim and Leonaro DiCaprio have worked closely with the Mexican government to preserve the endemic cetacean. On this occasion the renowned actor takes the headline due to his participation in the production of an interesting documentary about the vaquita marina , which has been presented no less than at the Sundance Film Festival .

With the participation of Carlos Loret de Mola

Sea of ​​Shadows is the name of the documentary directed by Richard Ladkani, with Leonardo DiCaprio as executive producer and where the Mexican journalist Carlos Loret de Mola has a special participation, due to his role in monitoring the situation of the Mexican mammal. <

The focus of the documentary is to call for the preservation of the vaquita, and explain how the illegal totoaba fishing has taken the vaquita to the brink of extinction. In addition, it also reveals the existence of networks of corruption and organized crime in the trafficking of totoaba , because its value in the Asian market is very high due to the belief that it is a powerful aphrodisiac.

Andrea Crosta, director of the Elephant Action League organization dedicated to the investigation of environmental crimes, mentions that the trafficking of this fish works in an equal way to drug trafficking, with specific routes and corruption networks that involve at least Mexico, the United States and China. .

Sea of ​​Shadows had its premiere on the evening of Sunday, January 27 at the Sundance Film Festival, and was standing ovation after finishing its screening.

This year the selection of Sundance Festival films is made up of 112 films and documentaries, which will be judged by a jury of 20 experts from different countries. On February 2, the winners of the different categories will be announced.

Source: Xataka Mexico