Manatee Discovering and Enjoying First Solid Meal

On February 7, 2019 in Madrid, Spain, a couple of aquarium employees filmed their feeding session with the manatees. One of the manatees was larger being a parent and the other was a youngling who had only fed on milk his entire life up until this point. His first solid meal is lettuce and it indeed looks like he is enjoying it! Statement from person who submitted the video says.

“Manatee discovering that milk is not the only food. Manatees were endangered in 2017 but are now thriving once again. Zoos and aquariums played an integral roll in funding these efforts as well as publicizing them.”

It is great news to learn that manatees are coming back out of endangerment! Thanks to zoos and aquariums, they have been putting in the work to help this species thrive once again. Such beautiful sea mammals that definitely deserve good treatment and care.

Source: ViralHog