Man Walks Out To His Yard And Discovers Huge Creature Cruising By [VIDEO]

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A viral Facebook video shows the terrible moment when a huge creature crawls around the entire garden of his house, which left him terrified.

Moments of tension. A viral Facebook video recorded the moment when a man came out of his house to mow the lawn, without imagining that on the way he would find a huge creature that came out of the swamps to scare dozens of people in Florida, USA.

The video shows when the man left his house with all his equipment to cut the thick grass of his house, without imagining that there was a dangerous reptile that would not hesitate to attack him if the man dared to invade his space.

Under his imposing presence, the creature was captured in a viral Facebook video crawling on the sidewalk of a house after leaving its natural habitat in Florida. The clip became a trend, especially in Mexico , Spain and the United States.

The man was terrified to watch the giant crocodile walk calmly along the sidewalk near his house, examine the area and lay down to catch the sun’s rays. According to the person in charge of the viral video of Facebook, the huge reptile was captured by a group of rescuers to and taken to a zoo.

The viral video was shared on Facebook by the “ ViralHog ” page , which accumulated more than a thousand views, 500 shares and dozens of comments. “I’m from Canada, we don’t have alligators, but we have bears,” “Don’t worry guys, it’s just a crocodile walking as usual,” you can read on social media.

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Source: La Republica