Man Tries to Release a Fish in Lake, An Unexpected Animal Ruins Everything [VIDEO]

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A group of fishermen, who tried to free a fish in the sea, but a bird appeared and ruined everything.

A video was shared, which shows a group of fishermen who tried to free a fish in the sea; however, the latter were surprised by an immense animal.

The group of fishermen had gone to a river far from their homes to spend an afternoon among friends, without imagining what was going to happen next.

After several attempts to fish, one of the subjects achieves it; However, the minute he decides to release it, so, with the help of your cell phone camera, try to record the precise moment you release the marine animal.

When the manĀ determines to release the fish near to the border of the sea, it touches the water and leaves fired, with the intention to move away of the subject, but something happened that impacted the other people who were in the place.

The appearance of a gigantic bird surprised the group of fishermen who devoured the fish, which minutes before had been released by the subject. “I can not believe it,” said the an onlooker.

People were shocked by the terrible scene captured by the fishermen, also, they regretted what happened with the end of the marine animal, but they understood that it is part of the “life cycle”.

Source: La Republica